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voodoo audio carl martin chorus xII modified no hum dc power
mxr flanger led dc power true bypass mn3007 reticon sad1024 voodoo audio
TC Electronic SCF stereo chorus flanger modified modification dc power voodoo audio
mxr phase 90 modified voodoo audio dc led true bypass vintage script logo

As with amps, we love vintage pedals. What we do not like however is the noise that usually follow them.

We offer what we call our "Studio mod" for a lot of pedals. The goal here is to get your pedal quiet enough for studio use. Top quality in other words!

Some pedals require more work than others but there is usually room for improvement on most mass produced pedals availible today.

We do, as with the amps, besides the custom work tailored for you offer a bunch of standard mods. These include the aforementioned "Studio mod", but also things like true bypass/LED/DC-jack for older stompboxes  (and similar work), removal of power cord and conversion to DC power and a lot more to be added later.

The "Studio mod" is currently availible for the following pedals:

BOSS CE-2 - 700:- SEK

BOSS GE-7 - 500:- SEK

ARION SCH-1 - 700:- SEK

Power cord removal / DC-power conversion:

MXR Flanger (vintage) - 400:- SEK

Carl Martin Chorus XII - 650:- SEK

TC Electronic SCF - 500:- SEK

Voodoo Audio Wah Modifications:


We replace some key components and tune your wah to sound it's best. - 600:- SEK


Take the "basic" mod and add some Mojo. Carbon composition resistors and styroflex /film caps - 800:- SEK


Add even more mojo and you have our "Mojo mod". This is the Vintage Wah but with a custom mu-metal shielded inductor. Treat your wah right! - 1000:- SEK

The Wah mods can be performed on almost any wah with the exception being the more recent Dunlop Wah's using SMT components like the CAE WAH etc. If you are unsure about if your wah can be modified, shoot us an E-mail! 

LED/True Bypass/DC-power:

Any old MXR pedal or similar that is lacking in these areas, including vintage reissues. DOD YJM/250, phase 90 or whatever it may be. 

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