Voodoo Audio custom interface pedalboard

Since the beginning of time guitarists have used a certain green box to push their already overdriven tube amps into lead territory. Some however felt that this little box didn't give 'em what they needed. Some felt it took out to much of the low end, others thought it was to compressed.

What we did is we took the basic concept of this box ( boosting the mids to cut through the mix) and incorporated it into a high headroom boost to avoid the grainy and overly compressed tone of solid state clipping.

So, here you have it, the best boost to take your vintage tube amp into lead territory and provide you with days of singing sustain - the Snake oil!


Price: 1400:- SEK E-mail us to order.



It took us a long time, a lot of pedals, hard work and dedication to come to the conclusion that we love chorus, but most analog chorus pedals are noisy as...

Well, after a few succesful modifications we decided to make these mods a standard feature in an analog stereo chorus. Housed in a sturdy Hammond enclosure, equipped with a great buffer and the same sweet modulation as in the best examples of the much loved Arion SCH-1. Not the Z, ZD, but the original SCH-1, but without all the hiss!

Will be availible for order in a not to distant future. Hold out!



We offer custom built interfaces for most every situation. Just tell us what you need, or what you wish to accomplish and we will help you with an interface that fits your needs.

In the picture you see an interface for a mono/stereo-in and stereo outputs. Transformer isolated to prevent ground loops and phase issues. if plugged into input 1 your signal is buffered and split to output 1 and 2. If plugged into input 1 and 2, signal is sent to the respective outputs (this is useful if you like to use stereo pedals in front of your amps).

Just an example and you can of course expand on this concept if you would like to.



We will of course offer more pedals in the future. If you have any questions at all, just contact us! We build a lot of custom pedals on order and would be glad to help you reach your sonic nirvana to, or at least get you one or a few steps closer.