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We build our pedalboards to last. The board itself is 15mm plywood with additional plastic laminate top and bottom. Aluminum extrusions protect the edges and are riveted in place. This is a board that can handle being stepped on and the touring life of pro musicians.

Pedalboards are being built to your recuirements and prized accordingly.

Se pictures for examples



We offer custom built interfaces and switchers for most every situation. Just tell us what you need, or what you wish to accomplish and we will help you with an interface or switcher that fits your needs.

previuos builds include: transformer isolated and buffered Y-splitter interface, custom power supply, stereo true bypass loop switchers and much more.

Just a few examples and you can of course expand on this concept if you would like to.

As always just E-mail us with your requests and we'll find you a solution that fits your needs!



We will of course help you get your pedalboard up and running. We do wiring right and we do it neat. Everything to keep your board free from noise, easy to troubleshoot if problems should arise, and of course as an added bonus looking real good.

Prices varies depending on number of pedals and use of switchers etc.

E-mail us and we'll take it from there!

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