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We love to work on old tube amps. Fender, Marshall, Orange or whatever. Maybe you just need a small tweak to get rid of that shrill high end? Maybe a bit tighter low end? Or maybe you just want to use your amp as a donor and give it a new life as something else...


Whatever you're thinking we want to help you realize your fantasies. We have a few modifications that are standarized and priced accordingly, these prices may however, vary depending on your amp. The basic pricing is done with Marshall 2204/2203, 1987/1959, 1986/1992 and their combo counterparts and reissues in mind.


José mod - Added gain with dual gain controls, saturation switch for even more gain. Saturation can be added as a push-pull on master volume.This is the same modification that Jose Arredondo performed on many amps back in the day for guitarists such as Joe Holmes, John Sykes, Steve Vai, Mick Mars, Peter Frampton, Doug Aldrich, Keel, and many others. - 2500:- SEK

CamAldNor - Added gain & gainstage, more modern sounding hi gain amp mod. This is the same mod that M. Cameron sells as Aldrich mod and formerly sold as Norum mod. - 3000:- SEK

Aldrich - Actual Doug Aldrich tone! This is the mod heard in the clips on our Media page. Added gainstage & tube. Classic boosted JCM 800 tones. 3000:- SEK

Hot Classic - Slightly more gain than your stock JCM 800, a bit tighter low end and smoother highs. This is for those who really doesn't want to change the tone of their JCM 800 to much, but just want a bit more push and controlled sound on lower volume. - 2000:- SEK

Hi Gain Classic - Even more gain than the  "hot". This is the mod for those looking for a classic boosted Marshall sound with a lot of sweet harmonics and gain without resorting to pedals. Still retains the dynamics very well and cleans up with the volume knob on your guitar and it doesn't sound like a jar of bees. This is what a boosted JCM 800 should sound like - 2500:- SEK

Tube Buffered FX-loop with send & return controls - This requires an added tube but it's the best FX-loop you can get. High headroom which means you can run boost pedals here without ugly solid state clipping. Send and Return levels allow both line-level FX and pedals. - 1500:- SEK


We will of course help you get your beloved amp back to life and sounding its best again. E-mail us with info on your particular issue and we'll get back to you with pricing!


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